About MIPS

1. Since 2013, NEXTAGE Co., Ltd. has been offering some online services related to theatre plays in order to let our vision come true, "creating the future for performers." On this occasion, we will introduce brand new token services.
We publish token called MIPS by innovating copyright systems and tip systems.
They will enable audiences to pay extra money as tip when they buy tickets to support their favorite theatre companies financially.
As a result, they will help us to reach our vision to support performers as well.

2. The goal of MIPS is the unionization of systems by forming partnerships between us and the other companies that share the same vision to take up artists.
Our resources of video streaming technologies and the platforms of ticket sales are going to be offered for the effective collaboration.

On the value of MIPS

Considering the number of tokens that are on the market when thinking about the proportion of cases where these users settled tickets such as video distribution service and theater etc provided by our company, from the $0.05 in the first year of MIPS introduction I think that it will be between $0.6.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
number of users 150,000(Japan Only) 380,000(World) 700,000(World)
Valuation(1MIPS) $0.05-$0.60 $0.14-$1.40 $0.28-$2.60
MIPS Market capitalization $5,000,000-$60,000,000 $14,000,000-$140,000,000 $28,000,000-$260,000,000

About lockup

We will lock up 50 million MIPS by the end of January 2018.

This will increase the value of up to service introduction.

How to get MIPS

Now, MIPS is trading on HitBTC. We prepare to be able to trade in other places as well.

Membership registration is required to use HitBTC.Please register from here.

Project Timeline


April 2018

MIPS Wallet Release

Third quarter of 2018

MIPS Exchanges Release

Fourth quarter of 2018

Online Productions Platform Release

About Us: NEXTAGE Co., Ltd.

Our goal is “creating the future for performers” .
In our definition, “PERFORMERS” are everyone who engage in theatre plays.
Why do we focus on them? Why do they need our support?
First of all, we believe in the powerfulness of creations by performers.
Sometimes theatre lives encourage audiences to change their lives just like the experiences of Manabu Fukui,the founder of NEXTAGE.
However, most of the performers are in financially difficult conditions, and some of them give up their creative activities.
These are the exact reasons we put emphasis on theatre artists.
“FUTURE” for performers is the world they are able to concentrate on their productions in stable conditions.
In order to make it real, more fulfilling earnings structure is necessary.
So, how will we “CREATE” the future?
One point is to increase the population of people who love to watch theatre plays.
We offer opportunities for more people to get to know more about theatrical performances through online services.
IT made us possible to let the performers get income source other thanrunning shows.
We would like to make the entire theatre world more active, powerful, and successful area in the society.